How do I pay for parts?

We accept Paypal and Bank cards to pay for parts. Choose parts you want to order and then you will be forwarded to checkout page, where you will be able to pay for parts.

I can not find proper spacersadapters for my car. What to do?

Please check our catalogue, find your car model and year. There are information about your car hub PCD and hub size. Using these information you will be able to understand which techincal information you can use while searching spacers/adapters you need.

I want to return parts. What to do?

First of all please check that parts are unused, in same condition like you received them. After that contact us, we will assist you regarding your question.
Please note that custom made spacers and adapters are not eligible for return.

What about warranty?

All our product have lifetime warranty. If something is not clear with your order, please contact us, we will try our best to offer you best solution.

I've not received my parts. What to do?

First of all please contact us, we are happy to find your order location and answer on all your questions regarding shipment.

How long shipping takes?

Regular shipping time to European Union countries is 5-7 business days.
Regular shipping time to rest of Europe is 7-9 business days.
Regular shipping time to America and Canada is 12-16 business days.
Regular shipping time to Asia and Australia is 12-16 business days.

Where spacers and adapters made?

Wheel spacers and adapters made in European Union (Latvia) using high quality CNC machines. We use only high grade aluminum 6082 T6. All spacers and adapters before dispatching are tested, all measurements are double checked.